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Greg Renouf doesn’t like social justice.  On his blog he constantly insults SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) and says things like “This is your brain on social justice’.

What exactly is Social Justice?  I am going to share the first definition I find on google:

“justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.”

Greg Renouf is against this concept.

For years a lone figure has been sighted among Toronto’s activist circles, most times carrying a camera with him.  He might come right up and snap a picture, say something offensive, and then claim he “has black friends” if you react to it.  You might cover up his camera and ask him not to film you.  He will tell his audience on his blog that you assaulted him.  Later on you may find he has written things about you online.  He might accuse you of being funded by billionaires trying to create socialism…or something.  As handsome as he is charming, Greg Renouf is a bonafide T.Dot Troll.  He seems to get upset when people tell him to get lost.  Let’s look a bit at his history, shall we?

Greg Renouf – Toronto Troll

Greg Renouf first emerged from the mud on the West Coast with Occupy Vancouver.  He often tells people when they first meet him that he was “involved in Occupy Vancouver”, likely to set their mind at ease that he is from an activist background, but upon closer inspection it seems he was “involved” in a different way.

Renouf was kicked out of Occupy Vancouver.  Common complaints emanating from Occupy Vancouver towards Renouf include specifically targeting females and using misogynist language.  It came to a point where his one-man campaign of bullying and harassment became so serious that dozens of Occupy organizers signed on to a collective statement condemning his observed behaviour – which can be read here.  Now, look at all those names.  Even if you weren’t present at Occupy Vancouver, does it not raise a red flag that this many people found his behaviour abhorrent to the point where they had to ask him to leave and sign on to this?  Renouf, knowing Renouf, would likely say it’s a giant conspiracy against him, but common sense dictates that, more likely, these many, many names were on to something.

Shortly after he relocated to Toronto and “got involved” in Occupy Toronto.  From here he too was asked to leave:

Greg Renouf has been asked by wide range of people within the community (including respected community activists, lawyers, and journalists) to stop his behaviour and aggressive campaign of harassment particularly against women who are long time organisers and activists. Yet he continues to present his personal attacks, threats and persistent harassment as efforts to expose some imagined ‘conspiracy’ against him. Attempts to explain to him that his behaviour is abusive and unacceptable have been ignored.

Despite having been banned by both Occupy Toronto and Occupy Vancouver, Renouf continues to force himself into community organising and social spaces surrounding both. He has also lied about those whom he is targeting, has made sexualized derogatory comments about women in these communities, has repeatedly threatened and also reported others to the police for preposterous allegations, has viciously and obsessively attacked those who have tried to hold him accountable, and is creating an unnecessary climate of division.

So what exactly is his deal?  Is he a misunderstood activist and victim of an elaborate conspiracy by grassroots organizations (paid by George Soros of course), or merely a far right-wing troll with an inflated sense of self?  Hint: It’s the latter.

The Fifth Beatle

So who is this guy who bothered people so bad they had to ask him to leave?  According to his blog he identifies as “neither left or right” but rather as an “ethicist”.  Hmm…where have we heard that before?  Kind of like how the trolls in Gamergate, you know the ones who doxxed, and then threatened to rape and murder feminists and then said they were “concerned about ethics in gaming”?

Ethics, yeah.

So he says he is neither Left nor Right, and yet if you look at his blog he only targets left-wing activists.  Why say that you are neither left or right, or that you hate both the far left and far right, yet only concentrate on the left in your blog?  Is it because he is trying to maintain a veneer of moderation?  Yes, yes he is.

Here he is standing among the fascist organizers, Soldiers of Odin.


Why aren’t you shoving the camera in their faces, Greg?  Soldiers of Odin started in Finland and it’s higher ups are known for being neo-Nazis.  Hmm..where is Greg’s blog’s pages on this group?  Nowhere.  He’s too busy targeting anti-racists and feminists.  Yes, it’s all about ethics apparently.

17359388_10155129601349281_1309346899769981074_o (1)
Here is another picture (March 19, 2017).  Renouf is standing with a raised camera behind a member of Soldiers of Odin (an organization started in Finland by a neo-Nazi.  Yes Greg, very ethical, very moderate.

On top of this Greg Renouf, billing himself as a legit reporter, has appeared on both SUN “NEWS” and Rebel Media.  So, someone who claims to be neither right wing nor left wing appears on right wing “news” outlets?  Ok.

On Sun “News” at one point in 2014, Greg Renouf appeared on the station with Ezra (“reckless disregard for the truth“) Levant directly after the Lac Magentic disaster where a train carrying oil derailed.  This tragedy cost the lives of 42 people.  On the program Levant was peddling a conspiracy theory that environmental activists may have been behind the disaster, hinting that it was eco-terrorism.  Renouf was featured on this segment and appeared to back up Levant’s theory.  Quebec police has since ruled out the possibility of this being terrorism and the segment disappeared from the Sun “News” database.

Is there anything ethical about exploiting a tragedy and spreading disinformation when human lives had just been lost?

When he’s not exploiting tragedy with baseless conspiracy theories, or misidentifying people, Greg enjoys connect the dots.

Artist approximation of one of Renouf’s more challenging works — oh look it’s a fish!

Here is a link to a site that explains in more detail the connections that Greg Renouf himself has; the six degrees of Greg Renouf!

UPDATE: Greg has not posted on his blog in a long time. We are willing to take this page down if he takes down all the slanders on his blog.

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