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Ron Banerjee


Team Affiliations: Canadian Hindu Advocacy, RISE CANADA

Status: Pariah even on the far right

We have a special treat for you today, ye fellow trollhunters.

This is exactly the easiest profile to write because every time he opens his mouth he discredits himself and reveals what he’s all about.

So what is he all about?

Today we look at Ron Banerjee.  Some people in Toronto know him already as that guy who dances around with a sign and says bad things about Muslims.  He claims he runs the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and used to be semi treated as if he were some kind of legitimate commentator on immigration/cultural issues.  Usually he was complaining about ‘political correctness’.  Oftentimes when someone’s main issue of complaint is ‘political correctness’ it doesn’t take too long to realize the person is a hatemonger.

So how many people are in this CHA group?

Maybe one, maybe two.

In its entire history, Islamic civilization has invented and contributed less to human advancement than a pack of donkeys. – Ron Banerjee


Back on topic: Ron Banerjee really hates Muslims and Sihks. (Whenever an article or blog says the Canadian Hindu Advocacy does something keep in mind that it’s really just Banerjee with an inflamed sense of self-worth).He is an avid Trump supporter, often sighted at Yonge and Dundas dancing with his feet and holding up a pro-Trump sign and screaming at women in hijabs.  Here he is telling a Muslim Canadian that he is Hindu so he’s superior.


Here he is, the Clown Prince of Hate arguing with Batman and saying that “all Muslims are terrorists”

So that’s Ron Banarjee.  He also once, when attending a PEGIDA rally at Queen’s Park, implored police officers to “shoot” ANTIFA members.  Luckily the police don’t listen to people like him.  On top of all this Ron Banerjee has been caught tweeting some pretty disgusting, genocidal things on the RISE CANADA account for twitter.

So here’s Ron pretending he cares about equality of sexes.

Okay. It’s so ironic how far right wing Islamophobes go on and on about how Islam is supposedly so sexist and misogynistic and homophobic and then turn around and say the most sexist, misogynistic, homophobic things ever.  Seriously, it’s really a weird phenomenon.  The reason behind it is because, unlike progressive activists who start their activism through a human rights framework, the far right starts from a place of hate and go from there.  These Islamophobes don’t care about women’s rights or LGBT rights, they just pretend they do so they can hate on Muslims.  In fact, many of them, like Ron Banerjee actually hate gay people.

Here’s a picture of him choking someone for being gay.

Ron also runs another twitter account:


Oh yeah Ronny, you’re a great advocate for women’s equality.


To read more about this clown check out Anti-Racist Collective’s latest expose on him:

It turns out he doesn’t like Chinese people either.