Meir Weinstein

Oh boy, here we go.

Imagine living in a haunted house and hating the ghost that haunts the house, but never acknowledging that the ghost exists.  So you go around telling people “There’s no such thing as this ghost — it’s a myth from 1967!  But I hate it!”  Oh and get this– the house you’re living in used to belong to this ghost that you hate but don’t believe exists at the same time.

Meet Meir Weinstein and the Canadian chapter of the violent organization called the Jewish Defense League!

Weinstein is fifth from the right (well obviously).  No, that’s not the Hezbollah flag, it’s the JDL flag.

Folks, this one is both easy and hard to write at the same time; easy because the dirt is so plentiful, hard because it’s pretty downright depressing.  Meir Weinstein, born Marvin Weinstein, is a long-time Toronto troll often seen screaming across Bloor Street at Palestinians in front of the Museum.  He joined the Jewish Defense League at the age of 20 and has been leader of the Canadian JDL chapter since the late 1970’s.  Jewish Defense League  is a far, far right wing organization founded by Weinstein’s hero Meir Kahane, a batshit anti-democratic demagogue who advocated annexation of all of historic Palestine and expulsion of anyone who isn’t Jewish.  No seriously.

The party that the elder Meir founded is called Kach and is the most extreme right in Israel, with Kach inspired JDL chapters in the states.  According to the Anti-Defamation League Kahane “preached a radical form of Jewish nationalism which reflected racism, violence and political extremism.”  JDL in the US murdered people.  According to a report on domestic terrorism “For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States.”  The JDL is now banned in the US, but not yet banned in Canada.

Let’s take a bit more of a look at Meir Kahane, Meir Weinstein’s hero, shall we?  “Democracy and Judaism are not the same thing,” Kahane once said.  What does that mean?  Kahane explained: “Western democracy has to be ruled out. For me that’s cut and dried: there’s no question of setting up democracy in Israel, because democracy means equal rights for all, irrespective of racial or religious origins.”

So Kahane is against equal rights.  Meir Weinstein’s hero is against equal rights.  Kahane rejects democracy.  So strange, because if you go to the JDL Canada’s website, you see so much celebration of Israel as the “only democracy in the Middle-East”.  Kind of strange.  Kahane was also in favour of Jewish religious law trumping any secular laws in Israel – kind of like how extremists Muslims seem to want Sharia Law.  I guess some types of extremist religious laws are ok in the Meir books, while others are dubbed as threats to society…or something.  Just remember, those people protesting supposed “creeping Sharia” are not bastions of moderation and secular pluralism for the most part — no, they’re just extremists on the other end of the spectrum, that’s it.

Various facebook pages by the JDL have been shut down due to incitement of hatred and racism.  Meir Weinstein and the JDL were behind the anti-Muslim protests at Masjid in downtown Toronto where they blocked people from entering and leaving.  Considering this happened shortly after Canadian Muslims were murdered during prayers in Quebec City, this is quite frightening.

Speaking of murderous thugs killing people during prayer, remember in 1994 when a Kach/JDL member shot up a mosque in Hebron?  His name was Baruch Goldstein and he shared the same ideology as Weinstein/Kahane.  20 Palestinians were killed, including two 12 year old boys.

This is what Meir Weinstein said in regards to this massacre:  “[o]ur organization does not condemn the attack. It condemns the Israeli government for not providing adequate protection for settlers.”

This in itself is really all you need to know about Meir.  Seriously.  And this guy is operating in Toronto and bringing his band of thugs around places of worship.

There was a bit of a spat he had with Rebel Media when one of their speakers posted a video where he (Gavin McInnes) went on an unhinged anti-Semitic rant.

Here is Meir Weinstein’s original reaction:


Since then Gavin McInnnes has peddled back and said not to take what he said out of context.  So, I guess when he blamed Jews for the starving of the Ukraine he did not literally mean it, or something.  While most normal people did not accept McInnes’s excuse, both Ezra Levant and Meir Weinstein thought it was good enough!  No, seriously.


Literally two days later!  Btw, notice the original name of this video was “10 Things I hate About Jews” (no seriously, Rebel Media doubled down on it’s anti-Semitism).  Why is Meir ok with this?  His buddies on his facebook clearly aren’t.


This is why.  Rebel Media have him a video (note a pic of Meir Kahane in the background).  Perhaps this was his reward for ignoring the fact that Rebel Media has an open Holocaust denier with them.  Meir, do you really think this is ok?  Have you read some of the comment sections of Rebel on youtube?  Go drop a comment, ask them what they think of Jews.  I’m serious.  Go do it, see what they say.  Why are you making common cause with these types?

Far right solidarity probably going to backfire.  The below picture was taken on March 19, 2017 at City Hall in Toronto.  Here we see Meir Weinstein on the right (as always) mingling in the demonstration with members of Soldiers of Odin (SOO), an organization that was founded in Finland by a self-confessed neo-Nazi named Mike Ranta.



17359388_10155129601349281_1309346899769981074_o (1)
Meir Weinstein standing beside Soldier of Odin member.  Also visible behind them is Greg Renouf – who claims to be neither right nor left – standing among people belonging to an organization started by a neo-Nazi.

Soldiers of Odin with JDL…seriously wtf?

Do not approach Weinstein or JDL at any demonstrations.  They have been known to specifically target women in hijabs.  Do not approach or engage.  He’ll end up in jail sooner or later.  Hope he has a Muslim cellmate, eh?


Oh, and uh, who you gonna call?  JDL now seems to have (a) car(s) so they can harass minorities en mobile.


Just recently, on March 27, 2017, JDL organized a counter-rally against non-Zionist Jewish demonstrators outside of the AIPAC conference in Washington, DC.  Read all about it.

To prove they’re big men two JDL members (one of whom was flown out of Toronto – Yosef Steynovitz of Vaughan, Ontario) brutally beat a 55 year old Palestinian teacher.  Various members were flown in to DC to harass people of conscience who oppose the occupation of Palestine.  Yosef Steynovitz was arrested along with another JDL member from the US.


Sickening attack – JDL members were bragging about it on their facebook page.
Yosef Steynovitz
After the cowardly attack.
Steynovitz learning that this is NOT the occupied West Bank.  You cannot randomly attack Arabs and get away with it.

2 thoughts on “Meir Weinstein

  1. Great piece. Hope you update it to include the hate crime assault and attack on Jewish protesters at AIPAC recently by the JDL and Mier and crew. One quick correction. in one picture you note “Here we see Meir Weinstein on the right” Thats actually not him, its another JDL member. (Please don’t post my email)


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