David Menzies

Why so serious?

Aliases: Menzoid, Snowflake Troll, Victim-Bully, Bozo

Status: Entitled Creeper

He’s like that kid who would punch you in the hallway when the teachers have their backs turned and then pretend you hit him when they turn around.

Menzies, not too much to say about him.  He’s a troll who usually targets either Muslim people (mostly women) or trans people.  He has a tendency to criticize lefties and call them ‘snowflakes’ yet at the same time seems to have the biggest victim complex.  This is typical for the far right.

Before being on Rebel Media (you know the online outlet in hot water right now for featuring Holocaust denial videos?) he was on the now defunct Sun “News” Network.  He once dressed up as a woman in a segment made to mock trans people and got into a woman’s only time in a Toronto swimming pool.  Usually, the argument goes with the far right, is that trans folk are creepy perverts trying to sneak into women’s spaces – so to demonstrate his opposition to this he sneaks into a women’s space and records women and children in a swimming pool.  No, seriously.  This is some serious creeper shit, the kind of guy you read about on reddit’s Let’s Not Meet sub.   Seriously.

He seems to have a bit of a temper.  One time he got cops called on him for having a mishap at a Petro Gas Station in his hometown of Richmond Hill.  He felt he was treated badly by the police (sounds like a bit of a snowflake eh?) for refusing to pay for his gas.  Like most things Menzies it’s more than likely that there is another side to the story, likely he was being a belligerent customer.

I don’t need to pay for gas; I’m Menzies!

Menzies, in another incident, claimed he was assaulted by a woman wearing a hijab at Yonge and Dundas Square for taking pictures of her.  In the article it reads at one point: ”

My son and I were then surrounded by a mob of about 20 people, many of whom were speaking Arabic. One kept demanding I surrender my camera to him.

It was surreal. Was I in Toronto — or Riyadh?”

That’s really terrifying, being surrounded by people speaking Arabic.  Poor baby.  The police refused to press charges against the supposed assailant.  Why?  Probably because Menzies is lying.  Probably because he provoked it.  Probably because he’s not telling the full story, probably because he was really yelling racist things at them.  Likely he was not touched at all and is just making himself out to be the victim like he always does.


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