Kevin J. Johnston

Oh man…this is disturbing.

Here we focus on Toronto’s neighbouring city Mississauga (U.S. readers, think Brooklyn for Manhattan…well, not really……..also take out the ‘u’ in neighbouring).  As this case clearly shows, Toronto is not the only city in the region with it’s fair share of pseudo-conspiracy theory peddling, ultra right wing trolls.

Enter Kevin J. Johnston.

He once led a campaign against a mosque being built in Mississauga.

He runs the Mississaga Gazette, small time medium that spends most of it’s time covering sports.  He also runs a youtube channel called The Freedom Report where he regularly attacks Muslim Canadians (or Canadians who ‘look’ Muslim).  He actually thinks that the passage of the M-103 Motion will lead to Christians being crucified in public.  Yes, full grown adults actually believe this in 2017.  He has referred to the Member of Parliament who introduced the motion, Irqa Khalid, as a terrorist.  Suffice to say, it’s directly people like him who have directly incited rape and death threats to Ms. Khalid.  Again, we see people going on about how misogynistic Muslims are, who then go forth themselves and harass, demean, and threaten women.

(The thing is, there is so much disgusting, delusional garbage on his site that there is no point documenting it all)

Funny how these far right wingers always say Lefties shout them down with name-calling.  So he’s part of that crowd.  He was a strong opponent of Muslims high school students being allowed to pray in the cafeteria in groups on Fridays, and continually harassed school officials and trustees to the point where he was banned from their meetings.  He was not allowed in the latest Peel School Board Meeting (the one where someone ripped a Quran up alongside Ron Banerjee).


He works at times with David Menzies, you know, the guy who once sneaked into a woman’s only swim time and secretly filmed women and children?  He also does events with other people who hate Muslims and likes inciting hatred with anecdotal stories and blatantly untrue things…usual far right wing troll kind of stuff.  One time he posted an inflammatory article on the Gazette that made unverified (in this case blatantly made up) claims that Muslim boys were harassing Sikh girls in Mississauga high schools, and had posted in the article a picture of a model in Ohio who had not given permission for his photograph to be used.  No seriously.

Recently, and this is what lead to this entry being made, he has frightened many people (and is likely being investigated) for making a video that calls on people to ‘sneak’ into the Mississauga high school prayer spaces (cafeterias on Fridays) and film minors (I’m serious) while they are praying to find ‘hate speech’ in their prayers.  This has prompted the school board to send home letters with students and has frightened many members of the larger community.

We actually have a guy encouraging this, purposely targeting minors.  Again, far right wing trolls using the language of ‘freedom of speech’ to cover for what is blatant harassment.

There will likely be updates on this page as events unfold.

Kevin J. Johnston has claimed he is “not racist”, just a “patriot”, because never in history has extreme patriotism and extreme paranoia of minorities EVER been associated with racism.

Oh, and uh, something else:

Kevin J. Johnston claims not to be racist.  Look at this image I found when I google searched “Kevin J. Johnston” under IMAGES.  You can do it for yourself if you want.  This is one of the images that came up:

yeah, in no way shape or form is this racist.

So it appears to be an image once used for a video and/or article on his site about Black Lives Matter.  When you click on “Visit Page” it leads to an error page from his site (which means it was yanked after being posted).  When you click on “View Image”, well, here’s what comes up:


Right click on the image and “open image in new tab” if you need to see what that added red arrow is pointing to.

Yes, he uploaded this image and gave it this title.

So tell me again, is Kevin J. Johnston not a racist?


As many of you are likely aware, Kevin J. Johnston has been charged for incitement of hatred against an identifiable group. He falsely claims it was the M-103 motion that he was charged under, but is lying as usual (this is KJJ we’re talking about!). People cannot be arrested under non-binding motions. He was charged under hate laws that were in existence before M-103 was ever introduced. His next court date in December 8, 2017 and he possibly faces up to two years in prison. We hope his cell-mate is a Muslim.

He is also being sued by various other people, including the owner of Paramount Foods for slander. Suffice to say, he will be in and out of court for the rest of his life, and possibly in and out of jail. On top of this youtube pulled his channel and he now has a much smaller audience on bitchute. He has largely been defanged at this point.



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