Ronny Cameron

Watch the above video through the link, at about 5:00 Sandra Solomon and Ronny Cameron joke about “donating bananas to Black Lives Matters”.

You know those kind of people who freak out when you call them racists, but they say racist things all the time?  Yeah, this is the kind of people we’re dealing with.

Meet Ronny Cameron, failed metalist turned xenophobe who is now trying to rally a conglomeration of far right wing fascist groups, his latest attempt failed on May 6, 2017 when the fascists were unable to march due to a strong counter-demonstration.

Every time the racist far right tries to march people make sure they don’t.  They think it’s their “freedom of speech” to harass and demonize minority communities.
Didn’t turn out that great.  Nice one, Ron.

Ron runs a band called Verum.  Here’s their facebook page.

Ronny also sometimes does some TTC busking, usually sighted at Spadina.


Aside from being racist he has shown classist tendencies.  Take this excerpt from the above-linked profile article:

“This one time, there was a panhandler who was sitting in my station, near me. I asked him politely to leave, and he said no. I told him I was going to call security and he wouldn’t listen; he was really drunk. So I went and told the collector, and he made the call to the constables. By the time the constables got there an hour and a half later, the panhandler had already left. Soon after the constables left, he came back. I was really frustrated with him, he was really cutting into my business, and it really bothers me that people are giving out money to people who are just going to spend it on drugs or alcohol. I finally went over and took his sign away from him.”

Like a standard bigot, he enjoys punching down at people who he feels are beneath him.

He is also infatuated with the Jewish Defense League (you know that extremist group that recently beat up a 50 something year old professor because he was Arabic?).  I guess he thinks he’s fighting extremist, yet he hasn’t looked in the mirror lately, or at any of the scum he’s affiliating himself with.

Cameron speaking at a JDL event.

Keep it classy, Ronny, and good luck with your music career in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

But wait, there is more.  On May 6, 2017, the day of the demonstration that Ronny Cameron attempted to organize there was an incident.  Eric Brazau, who spent time in jail for criminally harassing a family with small children, was present at the demo.  You can see him in the video attempting to speak when Ronny Cameron comes up to him and grabs his mic.  It is not quite clear if Cameron is trying to take the mic and cut him off, or if he is trying to get Brazau to put the mic closer to his mouth, but for some reason Eric Brazau flipped out and punched him in the face.  View the video below:

Fascists being violent?  Get out!

We finish this entry with an open appeal to Ronny Cameron:

We originally gave a warning to Ronny Cameron to stop this trolling, but he got worse and actually is pretty much full Nazi now. He is a bit of a pariah on the Far Right now though. Ah well. We hope someday he changes and realizes he is wrong and grows out of his perpetual 15 year old mentality (no offense to 15 year olds)

Ronny Cameron is seemingly freaking out at the other anti-immigrant bigots, clash of egos.  This is what happens when people who have such deluded notions of themselves and the world collide:

He apparently can’t get along with the other scam artists.
Too late, your movement is cannibalizing itself.
Good riddance.

2 thoughts on “Ronny Cameron

  1. About 5 years ago I called the police on this POS for bragging about violently stomping on and killing his own cat. Not surprising to see now that he’s continuing on his shit streak. Hope he finally messes with the wrong person and gets what he deserves.


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