U of T Neckbeards: Okay to be White posters

Update News! Greetings ye fellow trollhunters! It’s been a while, but we cannot not comment on the “It’s Okay to be White” campaign. From the depths of the internet, in the midst of the most mould-strewn, Cheet-oo scented, sticky blanked-covered basements, comes a nerfarious neckbeard plot to destabilize the West! Kind of…

Recently in the downtown University of Toronto area, some posters saying : “It’s Okay to be White” have been sighted. The idiots were caught in the act . It turns out they are actually Nazis, which was suspected.

Anti-Racist Canada has a good entry on it with some details. Basically, as most of us know now, it is a dog-whistle campaign that was hatched in the murky corners of 4Chan:

Basically, like much of the ALT RIGHT, they pretend not to be racist in order to get more Moderate people (Normies as they are called) onside with them, gradually paving the way for more overt racism.

This is a tactic that has been observed in the past with the ALT RIGHT. So, who are these night-time creepers?

One, the Slender-Man, is Devon Huxtable, long observed at ALT RIGHT demonstrations, the latest of which was organized by claims-not-to-be-racist Ronny Cameron on October 21, 2017, the one in which all these overt white supremacists showed up.

Below is Huxtable:

Proud Boys to my left, Nazis to my right, here I am..
Huxtable- 1
(((you))) [Jews] will. Not. replace. Us.!!!!!!!!” – posted by Devon Huxtrable on Facebook on Students for Free Discouse (like the name suggests, it’s a hate group).
More on the Samwell Tarly clone below…
Devon Huxtable on the Left, cult-leader  Professor Jordan Peterson in the middle, to the far right a Jewish man who sadly doesn’t know there are literal Nazis in the room with him. Pepe  the Frog is an actual Neo-Nazi symbol. 


I quit fighting wight supremacy.


As for Samwell Tarly? Here below he is at Nathan Philips Square on Saturday, October 21, 2017, proudly hoisting a BLACK SUN flag, a LITERAL NAZI SYMBOL.

Black Sun dude - 1
These are actual Nazis. Don’t be fooled.

Who else was spotted?


Winston Smith.

His online alias is Winston Smith, named likely for the titular character in George Orwell’s 1984. Like many people on the far right Smith conveniently forgets that George Orwell was a staunch socialist, but facts are not really the ALT RIGHT’s strength.

Ever thought of reading books and actual history instead of memes?
Winston Smith - Aug 4, 2017 - 0
“Generation Zyklon will save us do not worry.”  -from Winston Smith’s facebook. Zyklon B is a pesticide that was used in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

We actually know Winston Smith’s real name. If he stops appearing at Neo-Nazi rallies we may be inclined not to make it public later on. 

Here is a picture of ‘Winston Smith’ with an Invictus symbol, originally a symbol of the Roman Empire, which was used by Mussolini’s fascist Italy. 
Here he is with Jordan Peterson (who seems to be a magnet for assholes) with his literal fascist shirt. I wonder how veterans would feel about the poppy being next to a symbol that they literally fought against.

There are others spotted creeping at night putting up ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE signs, please see Anti-Racist Canada’s entry to help identify them and make sure that they remain in their mom’s basement from now on.


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