Frank Nyitray

Harasser and Troll

Frank Nyitray, a locations support worker for Heile Film Support, is a real life and online troll who has been harassing a woman  working in the Toronto film industry for several years. Frank stalks this woman and others, photographing and documenting her movements and stalking her at political demonstrations. He then writes fake news articles about her full of false accusations and has even posted her address online. Despite his toxic behaviour, Helie stands behind him and his harassment of his co-worker (as they are often working on the same set)

Frank is involved with the “Wolf Pack” a far right extremist anti-Muslim organization and takes pictures of anti-racist and anti-Islamophobia activists in order to help the Wolf Pack identify and attack these people.   GTA Wolf Pack is the Toronto branch of the Quebec-based “La Meute” a secretive, extremist far-right paramilitary group.


Call Heilie Film Support at (416) 703-0404 and/or use their online form at and tell them to tell Frank to stop harassing film crew and remove his attacks from his website if he wants to stay in the industry.  If you’re in the film industry, refuse to have Frank on your set. If you ever see him on set with a camera immediately alert the A/D or someone else in authority. He owns high quality cameras and may be illicitly freelancing as a paparazzi on the side. Warn others about him. If you work for another company, warn them about Frank, tell them you don’t want him on your set, and ask them to complain to Heilie.

Fascist in fashion.


Apart from his campaigns of personal harassment, as stated above, Frank N. is dishonest and a publisher of fake news.  Like most propogandists he twists things and slashes images.  The latest blog entry on his blog displays this.  He claims ANTIFA (Anti-fascist organizers) are utilizing weapons for instance and posts this picture:

Frank posted this image insinuating that this belonged to an ANTIFA member.

Little does Frank know that we’ve already seen the full image of this from a smarter, more honest, less delusional blog (one that doesn’t have a colour palette that gives you a headache after five minutes).

This photo depicts a member of the 111%ers in Alberta, a far right wing anti-immigrant group.  They are the ones carrying these shock stick weapons to protests – not ANTIFA.  Frank is, as usual, lying and slandering.

June 3 - III - weapons - combined
June 3, 2017, Calgary.



Frank’s blog has been taken down recently after a few extremely unhinged posts. In one post he literally calls for people to murder Black Lives Matter activists by running them over with cars:




This is a new low even for Frank. The blog was completely removed from the internet shortly after. We are unsure of why, but we theorize that it may have been ordered by law enforcement as it is literally incitement to murder. Either that or Frank has changed his ways, which is unlikely because he is still being spotted taking pictures of people at protests against racism.

Thankfully, thanks to his own recklessness and violent impulses, his blog no longer exists and can’t slander people.


Spencer Polap - May 7, 2017 - 0

Climate/Terrain: Rural/Urban, cloudy, mother’s basements

Frequency:            Rare

Organization:       Solidary (mostly)

Activity Cycle:      Mostly nocturnal

Diet:                        Mountain Dew

Strength:               5

Intelligence:        Semi (2-3)

Dex:                        1

Widsom:               -6

No. Appearing:   1-3

AC:                          3

Movement:          -2

Hit Dice:                1

THAC0:                  What’s Thac0?

No. of Attacks:    1

Damage/Attcks:  1d4 (-2)

Special Attcks:    Misogynist Rant

SIZE:                       L

SIZE (brain):        T

Morale:                 Exceptionally Low

XP Value:             0





Ronny Cameron

Watch the above video through the link, at about 5:00 Sandra Solomon and Ronny Cameron joke about “donating bananas to Black Lives Matters”.

You know those kind of people who freak out when you call them racists, but they say racist things all the time?  Yeah, this is the kind of people we’re dealing with.

Meet Ronny Cameron, failed metalist turned xenophobe who is now trying to rally a conglomeration of far right wing fascist groups, his latest attempt failed on May 6, 2017 when the fascists were unable to march due to a strong counter-demonstration.

Every time the racist far right tries to march people make sure they don’t.  They think it’s their “freedom of speech” to harass and demonize minority communities.
Didn’t turn out that great.  Nice one, Ron.

Ron runs a band called Verum.  Here’s their facebook page.

Ronny also sometimes does some TTC busking, usually sighted at Spadina.


Aside from being racist he has shown classist tendencies.  Take this excerpt from the above-linked profile article:

“This one time, there was a panhandler who was sitting in my station, near me. I asked him politely to leave, and he said no. I told him I was going to call security and he wouldn’t listen; he was really drunk. So I went and told the collector, and he made the call to the constables. By the time the constables got there an hour and a half later, the panhandler had already left. Soon after the constables left, he came back. I was really frustrated with him, he was really cutting into my business, and it really bothers me that people are giving out money to people who are just going to spend it on drugs or alcohol. I finally went over and took his sign away from him.”

Like a standard bigot, he enjoys punching down at people who he feels are beneath him.

He is also infatuated with the Jewish Defense League (you know that extremist group that recently beat up a 50 something year old professor because he was Arabic?).  I guess he thinks he’s fighting extremist, yet he hasn’t looked in the mirror lately, or at any of the scum he’s affiliating himself with.

Cameron speaking at a JDL event.

Keep it classy, Ronny, and good luck with your music career in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

But wait, there is more.  On May 6, 2017, the day of the demonstration that Ronny Cameron attempted to organize there was an incident.  Eric Brazau, who spent time in jail for criminally harassing a family with small children, was present at the demo.  You can see him in the video attempting to speak when Ronny Cameron comes up to him and grabs his mic.  It is not quite clear if Cameron is trying to take the mic and cut him off, or if he is trying to get Brazau to put the mic closer to his mouth, but for some reason Eric Brazau flipped out and punched him in the face.  View the video below:

Fascists being violent?  Get out!

We finish this entry with an open appeal to Ronny Cameron:

We originally gave a warning to Ronny Cameron to stop this trolling, but he got worse and actually is pretty much full Nazi now. He is a bit of a pariah on the Far Right now though. Ah well. We hope someday he changes and realizes he is wrong and grows out of his perpetual 15 year old mentality (no offense to 15 year olds)

Ronny Cameron is seemingly freaking out at the other anti-immigrant bigots, clash of egos.  This is what happens when people who have such deluded notions of themselves and the world collide:

He apparently can’t get along with the other scam artists.
Too late, your movement is cannibalizing itself.
Good riddance.

Kevin J. Johnston

Oh man…this is disturbing.

Here we focus on Toronto’s neighbouring city Mississauga (U.S. readers, think Brooklyn for Manhattan…well, not really……..also take out the ‘u’ in neighbouring).  As this case clearly shows, Toronto is not the only city in the region with it’s fair share of pseudo-conspiracy theory peddling, ultra right wing trolls.

Enter Kevin J. Johnston.

He once led a campaign against a mosque being built in Mississauga.

He runs the Mississaga Gazette, small time medium that spends most of it’s time covering sports.  He also runs a youtube channel called The Freedom Report where he regularly attacks Muslim Canadians (or Canadians who ‘look’ Muslim).  He actually thinks that the passage of the M-103 Motion will lead to Christians being crucified in public.  Yes, full grown adults actually believe this in 2017.  He has referred to the Member of Parliament who introduced the motion, Irqa Khalid, as a terrorist.  Suffice to say, it’s directly people like him who have directly incited rape and death threats to Ms. Khalid.  Again, we see people going on about how misogynistic Muslims are, who then go forth themselves and harass, demean, and threaten women.

(The thing is, there is so much disgusting, delusional garbage on his site that there is no point documenting it all)

Funny how these far right wingers always say Lefties shout them down with name-calling.  So he’s part of that crowd.  He was a strong opponent of Muslims high school students being allowed to pray in the cafeteria in groups on Fridays, and continually harassed school officials and trustees to the point where he was banned from their meetings.  He was not allowed in the latest Peel School Board Meeting (the one where someone ripped a Quran up alongside Ron Banerjee).


He works at times with David Menzies, you know, the guy who once sneaked into a woman’s only swim time and secretly filmed women and children?  He also does events with other people who hate Muslims and likes inciting hatred with anecdotal stories and blatantly untrue things…usual far right wing troll kind of stuff.  One time he posted an inflammatory article on the Gazette that made unverified (in this case blatantly made up) claims that Muslim boys were harassing Sikh girls in Mississauga high schools, and had posted in the article a picture of a model in Ohio who had not given permission for his photograph to be used.  No seriously.

Recently, and this is what lead to this entry being made, he has frightened many people (and is likely being investigated) for making a video that calls on people to ‘sneak’ into the Mississauga high school prayer spaces (cafeterias on Fridays) and film minors (I’m serious) while they are praying to find ‘hate speech’ in their prayers.  This has prompted the school board to send home letters with students and has frightened many members of the larger community.

We actually have a guy encouraging this, purposely targeting minors.  Again, far right wing trolls using the language of ‘freedom of speech’ to cover for what is blatant harassment.

There will likely be updates on this page as events unfold.

Kevin J. Johnston has claimed he is “not racist”, just a “patriot”, because never in history has extreme patriotism and extreme paranoia of minorities EVER been associated with racism.

Oh, and uh, something else:

Kevin J. Johnston claims not to be racist.  Look at this image I found when I google searched “Kevin J. Johnston” under IMAGES.  You can do it for yourself if you want.  This is one of the images that came up:

yeah, in no way shape or form is this racist.

So it appears to be an image once used for a video and/or article on his site about Black Lives Matter.  When you click on “Visit Page” it leads to an error page from his site (which means it was yanked after being posted).  When you click on “View Image”, well, here’s what comes up:


Right click on the image and “open image in new tab” if you need to see what that added red arrow is pointing to.

Yes, he uploaded this image and gave it this title.

So tell me again, is Kevin J. Johnston not a racist?


As many of you are likely aware, Kevin J. Johnston has been charged for incitement of hatred against an identifiable group. He falsely claims it was the M-103 motion that he was charged under, but is lying as usual (this is KJJ we’re talking about!). People cannot be arrested under non-binding motions. He was charged under hate laws that were in existence before M-103 was ever introduced. His next court date in December 8, 2017 and he possibly faces up to two years in prison. We hope his cell-mate is a Muslim.

He is also being sued by various other people, including the owner of Paramount Foods for slander. Suffice to say, he will be in and out of court for the rest of his life, and possibly in and out of jail. On top of this youtube pulled his channel and he now has a much smaller audience on bitchute. He has largely been defanged at this point.



Soldiers of Odin (SOO)

Soldiers of Odin (SOO) is a far-right wing anti-immigrant group (unlike most people who are anti-immigrant on this blog SOO will actually admit it) that has it’s origins in Finland.  The group quickly spread to elsewhere in Europe and now has chapters in Canada. SOO members dispute that they are a neo-Nazi organization, but it remains a fact that the founding of SOO was done by a Finnish self confessed neo-Nazi named Mike Ranta who has a history of violence against immigrants.  For information on other Canadian chapters of SOO please see ARC’s expose here.  Here we will focus mostly on the Greater Toronto Area’s chapter of SOO that has recently sprung up.

But first, let’s examine some of the memorabilia that has been sighted in the headquarters of the original Finnish chapter of Soldiers of Odin (SOO):

Seems pretty Nazi-like to me, eh?
If the boot fits.

The Soldiers of Odin conduct “street patrols” to protect (white-skinned) people from refugees.  One time they fabricated an incident where they claimed they rescued someone.  They lied.  Far right wing people lying?  What!?

As of late a chapter has emerged in Toronto, or in the GTA, and people wearing Soldiers of Odin (Canada) regalia have appeared at various demonstrations in Toronto.

In the Canada chapter charter it reads:

“Between the allowing of illegal aliens into this country and giving them the ability to vote and drive, accepting refugees from countries that hate us while Canadians are on the streets, releasing confirmed terrorists back to their organizations to cause more harm against Canada, and demonizing anything that has to do with European Culture to try and create racial tensions to turn citizens on one another; we as Soldiers Of Odin realize that it is time to take back our streets, provinces, and country.”

Yeah, thanks SOO for not turning citizens against eachother.  Thanks for uniting Canadian citizens.  Canadian SOO claims not to be racist or white supremacist, but a quick look at the social media profile’s of their members shows otherwise.  Seriously, read that last link in depth; many, many, many members of SOO in Canada are open neo-Nazis.  SOO Canada can claim all they want they are not Nazis, but if the goose-stepping boot fits, right?

Now, how about Toronto’s Soldiers of Odin?  Well, to trot out another terrifying Toronto troll named Meir Weinstein, leader of the local Jewish Defense League, another far right wing organization.  JDL is supposed to protect Jewish people, but spends more time harassing women in hijabs and Jewish community members who don’t conform to their fringe, ultra-right racist method of thought.  On top of this, Weinstein has recently gotten a lot of flack for standing in solidarity with Toronto’s Soldiers of Odin.

No seriously:

Here he is on March 17, 2017.

17361706_10154619138494403_2350776608830110684_nbuddy buddies.

How can anyone who wants to oppose anti-Semitism affiliate with groups with ties to neo-Nazis.  No seriously.  This would be funny if it weren’t so depressing.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: “Calm down, this is just the Toronto chapter.  Just because ‘some’ members are neo-Nazi white supremacists, it surely doesn’t follow that all SOO members are!”

Yeah.  Except.  Here, look, here we see two member who were present on March 17, 2017:

This photo is from March 17, 2017, the same day Meir Weinstein made buddy  buddy with the man on the right.  Check on the man on the left, another SOO Toronto member (the one with the indigenous culture appropriated ears who seems to love European culture)

The man on the left, here’s his facebook profile:


Here is here, Claude Roy of London, Ontario.  Notice the guy named Douglas who just commented and added the numbers 1488.  1488 is a neo-Nazi code-term; the 14 stands for 14 words:  “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”[1][2][3] It can be used to refer to a different 14-word slogan: “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

The 88?  That means “Heill Hitler!”

Again, why is Meir Weinstein associating with these people?  Is their mutual hatred of Muslims so bad that he can overlook the fact that they are neo-Nazis he is befriending — people who literally greet eachother with “Heil Hitler”?

Now, you might be saying: “But wait, some guy said it on Claude Roy’s facebook page, that doesn’t mean Claude Roy approves!”


Apparently he does like “Heil Hitler”


April 1st a rally was held by Islamophobes and was attended by the same group of Toronto area Soldiers of Odin outside of City Hall in Toronto.

Soldiers of Odin attacking someone, April 1st, 2017
Police evacuated SOO and friends because the anti-fascists outnumbered them.  This is SOO moving through underground parking elevators to leave the square.  “So much for the tolerant Left,” they’re thinking.


As many of you probably know the Soldiers of Odin Canada is largely a spent force due to infighting (a combination of toxic sociopathic egos and just downright stupidity). Perhaps they will re-emerge as something else in time?


David Menzies

Why so serious?

Aliases: Menzoid, Snowflake Troll, Victim-Bully, Bozo

Status: Entitled Creeper

He’s like that kid who would punch you in the hallway when the teachers have their backs turned and then pretend you hit him when they turn around.

Menzies, not too much to say about him.  He’s a troll who usually targets either Muslim people (mostly women) or trans people.  He has a tendency to criticize lefties and call them ‘snowflakes’ yet at the same time seems to have the biggest victim complex.  This is typical for the far right.

Before being on Rebel Media (you know the online outlet in hot water right now for featuring Holocaust denial videos?) he was on the now defunct Sun “News” Network.  He once dressed up as a woman in a segment made to mock trans people and got into a woman’s only time in a Toronto swimming pool.  Usually, the argument goes with the far right, is that trans folk are creepy perverts trying to sneak into women’s spaces – so to demonstrate his opposition to this he sneaks into a women’s space and records women and children in a swimming pool.  No, seriously.  This is some serious creeper shit, the kind of guy you read about on reddit’s Let’s Not Meet sub.   Seriously.

He seems to have a bit of a temper.  One time he got cops called on him for having a mishap at a Petro Gas Station in his hometown of Richmond Hill.  He felt he was treated badly by the police (sounds like a bit of a snowflake eh?) for refusing to pay for his gas.  Like most things Menzies it’s more than likely that there is another side to the story, likely he was being a belligerent customer.

I don’t need to pay for gas; I’m Menzies!

Menzies, in another incident, claimed he was assaulted by a woman wearing a hijab at Yonge and Dundas Square for taking pictures of her.  In the article it reads at one point: ”

My son and I were then surrounded by a mob of about 20 people, many of whom were speaking Arabic. One kept demanding I surrender my camera to him.

It was surreal. Was I in Toronto — or Riyadh?”

That’s really terrifying, being surrounded by people speaking Arabic.  Poor baby.  The police refused to press charges against the supposed assailant.  Why?  Probably because Menzies is lying.  Probably because he provoked it.  Probably because he’s not telling the full story, probably because he was really yelling racist things at them.  Likely he was not touched at all and is just making himself out to be the victim like he always does.


Meir Weinstein

Oh boy, here we go.

Imagine living in a haunted house and hating the ghost that haunts the house, but never acknowledging that the ghost exists.  So you go around telling people “There’s no such thing as this ghost — it’s a myth from 1967!  But I hate it!”  Oh and get this– the house you’re living in used to belong to this ghost that you hate but don’t believe exists at the same time.

Meet Meir Weinstein and the Canadian chapter of the violent organization called the Jewish Defense League!

Weinstein is fifth from the right (well obviously).  No, that’s not the Hezbollah flag, it’s the JDL flag.

Folks, this one is both easy and hard to write at the same time; easy because the dirt is so plentiful, hard because it’s pretty downright depressing.  Meir Weinstein, born Marvin Weinstein, is a long-time Toronto troll often seen screaming across Bloor Street at Palestinians in front of the Museum.  He joined the Jewish Defense League at the age of 20 and has been leader of the Canadian JDL chapter since the late 1970’s.  Jewish Defense League  is a far, far right wing organization founded by Weinstein’s hero Meir Kahane, a batshit anti-democratic demagogue who advocated annexation of all of historic Palestine and expulsion of anyone who isn’t Jewish.  No seriously.

The party that the elder Meir founded is called Kach and is the most extreme right in Israel, with Kach inspired JDL chapters in the states.  According to the Anti-Defamation League Kahane “preached a radical form of Jewish nationalism which reflected racism, violence and political extremism.”  JDL in the US murdered people.  According to a report on domestic terrorism “For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States.”  The JDL is now banned in the US, but not yet banned in Canada.

Let’s take a bit more of a look at Meir Kahane, Meir Weinstein’s hero, shall we?  “Democracy and Judaism are not the same thing,” Kahane once said.  What does that mean?  Kahane explained: “Western democracy has to be ruled out. For me that’s cut and dried: there’s no question of setting up democracy in Israel, because democracy means equal rights for all, irrespective of racial or religious origins.”

So Kahane is against equal rights.  Meir Weinstein’s hero is against equal rights.  Kahane rejects democracy.  So strange, because if you go to the JDL Canada’s website, you see so much celebration of Israel as the “only democracy in the Middle-East”.  Kind of strange.  Kahane was also in favour of Jewish religious law trumping any secular laws in Israel – kind of like how extremists Muslims seem to want Sharia Law.  I guess some types of extremist religious laws are ok in the Meir books, while others are dubbed as threats to society…or something.  Just remember, those people protesting supposed “creeping Sharia” are not bastions of moderation and secular pluralism for the most part — no, they’re just extremists on the other end of the spectrum, that’s it.

Various facebook pages by the JDL have been shut down due to incitement of hatred and racism.  Meir Weinstein and the JDL were behind the anti-Muslim protests at Masjid in downtown Toronto where they blocked people from entering and leaving.  Considering this happened shortly after Canadian Muslims were murdered during prayers in Quebec City, this is quite frightening.

Speaking of murderous thugs killing people during prayer, remember in 1994 when a Kach/JDL member shot up a mosque in Hebron?  His name was Baruch Goldstein and he shared the same ideology as Weinstein/Kahane.  20 Palestinians were killed, including two 12 year old boys.

This is what Meir Weinstein said in regards to this massacre:  “[o]ur organization does not condemn the attack. It condemns the Israeli government for not providing adequate protection for settlers.”

This in itself is really all you need to know about Meir.  Seriously.  And this guy is operating in Toronto and bringing his band of thugs around places of worship.

There was a bit of a spat he had with Rebel Media when one of their speakers posted a video where he (Gavin McInnes) went on an unhinged anti-Semitic rant.

Here is Meir Weinstein’s original reaction:


Since then Gavin McInnnes has peddled back and said not to take what he said out of context.  So, I guess when he blamed Jews for the starving of the Ukraine he did not literally mean it, or something.  While most normal people did not accept McInnes’s excuse, both Ezra Levant and Meir Weinstein thought it was good enough!  No, seriously.


Literally two days later!  Btw, notice the original name of this video was “10 Things I hate About Jews” (no seriously, Rebel Media doubled down on it’s anti-Semitism).  Why is Meir ok with this?  His buddies on his facebook clearly aren’t.


This is why.  Rebel Media have him a video (note a pic of Meir Kahane in the background).  Perhaps this was his reward for ignoring the fact that Rebel Media has an open Holocaust denier with them.  Meir, do you really think this is ok?  Have you read some of the comment sections of Rebel on youtube?  Go drop a comment, ask them what they think of Jews.  I’m serious.  Go do it, see what they say.  Why are you making common cause with these types?

Far right solidarity probably going to backfire.  The below picture was taken on March 19, 2017 at City Hall in Toronto.  Here we see Meir Weinstein on the right (as always) mingling in the demonstration with members of Soldiers of Odin (SOO), an organization that was founded in Finland by a self-confessed neo-Nazi named Mike Ranta.



17359388_10155129601349281_1309346899769981074_o (1)
Meir Weinstein standing beside Soldier of Odin member.  Also visible behind them is Greg Renouf – who claims to be neither right nor left – standing among people belonging to an organization started by a neo-Nazi.

Soldiers of Odin with JDL…seriously wtf?

Do not approach Weinstein or JDL at any demonstrations.  They have been known to specifically target women in hijabs.  Do not approach or engage.  He’ll end up in jail sooner or later.  Hope he has a Muslim cellmate, eh?


Oh, and uh, who you gonna call?  JDL now seems to have (a) car(s) so they can harass minorities en mobile.


Just recently, on March 27, 2017, JDL organized a counter-rally against non-Zionist Jewish demonstrators outside of the AIPAC conference in Washington, DC.  Read all about it.

To prove they’re big men two JDL members (one of whom was flown out of Toronto – Yosef Steynovitz of Vaughan, Ontario) brutally beat a 55 year old Palestinian teacher.  Various members were flown in to DC to harass people of conscience who oppose the occupation of Palestine.  Yosef Steynovitz was arrested along with another JDL member from the US.


Sickening attack – JDL members were bragging about it on their facebook page.
Yosef Steynovitz
After the cowardly attack.
Steynovitz learning that this is NOT the occupied West Bank.  You cannot randomly attack Arabs and get away with it.

Rebel Media

What is it: An online ultra right wing medium (likely not going to last much longer)

Slogan: “Factless”

Do you remember the time when CBC showed up for a political demonstration and, rather than legitimately interview people, they shoved cameras in people’s faces and started taunting them?  Do you recall the time CTV followed protesters around to the point of borderline criminal harassment?  Remember that time in Toronto when CP24 made racist comments when their cameras were off and then turned them on when someone reacted angrily back at them?

No?  Oh yeah.  Actual professional, legitimate news reporters don’t do that.  As much as we can criticize mainstream media (and we do) for being biased, or at times not showing the full story, or slanting it, nothing compares to the basic thuggery of Rebel Media.

Rebel Media came out of the now defunct Sun “News”.  Sun features “journalists” such as Ezra (reckless disregard for the truth) Levant, former supervillain turned SJW Michael Coren, as well as many other people who hate progressive and social justice advocates (in other words they hate progress and social justice).  Sun “News” Network launched in 2011 and fell apart by 2015.  Sun “News” applied for mandatory carriage from CRTC, but lost it’s bid and had to compete in the free market (and failed).  It’s funny and ironic when right wing free marketers try to get government to regulate to help them because they can’t stand on their own.  Lots of money was lost. -\_”_/-

So when SNN failed miserably, Levant went on and crowdfunded for some online replacement and called it Rebel Media.  people are often unsure of how to respond to Rebel Media; some activists ignore them, others confront them, while some try to get interviewed and hope that their reasoned, well-thought out rational arguments may change some of the minds of the viewers.  Don’t do this.  If someone is watching Rebel Media and actually takes it seriously then they are far too gone to be able to reason to rational arguments.  Now, presently, and thankfully, this bastion of trolls is in the process of eating itself.  Read further below for more info on that.

Also, this assessment on Jordan Peterson’s anti-trans people rally at U of T has some info on Rebel Media’s delusional coverage, please read.

In the meantime, let’s meet the trolls:



Status: Troll King

Ezra Levant started Rebel Media.  He comes from Alberta, his family originally settling in Drumheller with all the other dinosaurs.  He used to practice law; once lobbied for a tobacco company, and lobbied for the oil and gas industry.  Levant has been successfully sued for libel twice and had to issue apologies under the threat of lawsuits numerous times as well – read his wikipedia page to read the disturbing details.  One time when he had slandered a Saskatchewan Lawyer, to which the judge overseeing the case stated that Levant “did little or no fact-checking regarding the posts complained of, either before or after their publication” and she found “that [Mr. Levant’s] dominant motive in these blog posts was ill will, and that his repeated failure to take even basic steps to check his facts showed a reckless disregard for the truth“.

Judges!  Who are they to…  Oh wait.

Levant once did a now infamous spiel on his show on SNN called “The Jew Vs. Gypsies” in which he made racist comments about Roma people.  SNN issued an apology and eventually Levant eventually apologized.  Presently Levant is being sued by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle-East (an organization made up of Jewish and Arab Canadians – among other backgrounds – that criticize the policies of the state of Israel’s government towards Palestinians), comparing them to Nazis and calling them “Jew baiters”.  Strangely Rebel Media once published a story sourced from Golden Dawn, a Greek fascist organization that is openly anti-Semitic.  No seriously.

Most recently Ezra Levant has exploited the mosque massacre in Quebec City.  Seriously.  He actually did this.   < — please read this link.  Human lives were lost and Rebel Media was peddling a conspiracy theory that has no evidence.  W.  T.  F.


o-FAITH-GOLDY-facebook (1)

Faith Goldy went to Quebec City to peddle the pseudo-conspiracy theory without evidence (the one that said Quebec police and Justin Trudeau are part of some Islamist plot) on Levant’s behest.

In 2014, on a Sun “News” segment, it appeared that Goldy directly compared abortion to rape.  I really wish I was making this stuff up.

Crusades 1.jpg

Recently on her trip to Israel Faith did some glorifying on the Crusades; does Faith know how much Jews suffered during the Crusades?  Seriously.  En route through Europe, leaving a trail of rape and pillage as they went, the Crusaders massacred Jewish communities in Rhineland and along the Danube (modern-day Slovakia), and once in Palestine the Jews actually sided with the Muslims and fought side by side with them.  When the Crusaders took Jerusalem they burned the synagogue.  Destroying synagogues alongside mosques was a favourite past-time for medieval Christian soldiers.  Many Jews were forced to convert to Christianity, sold into slavery, or beheaded.  Glorifying the Crusades eh?

When not reporting for Rebel Media she is using homophobic slurs against people she doesn’t like.

Here she is along with Laura Southern (who recently made like Ginger Spice and quit the band early to officially ALT RIGHT) tweeting against LGBT people:


Professional Journalism at it’s finest.
Here is an artist’s impression of what Lauara Southern would look like if she betrayed Indiana Jones.



Aside from attending anti-trans people rallies at U of T, Jay Fayza writes for the Rebel, once insisting that white privilege isn’t a real thing.  Recently (March 7, 2017) Fayza hosted a video placed on youtube on Rebel Media’s channel criticizing the ALT RIGHT and white nationalism/white supremacy (I guess Rebel is trying to ‘appear’ ‘moderate’ or something).  Here is the video.  Look at the comments section (this video has 3x as many downvotes as upvotes as of March 12, 2017).  They are full of racist rants against Fayza and anti-Semitic comments directed at Ezra Levant.  Here are some of them:


Now, most normal, non-Nazi people will read some of these comments (these are the tip of the iceberg, trust me) and say: “oooooooh ffuuuuuckk…..” and lose a bit more faith humanity.  How did this happen?
Well, you see, this is the long-term result for peddling in hate.  When hate is your main goal; when you purposely spread misinformation and bigoted pseudo-conspiracy theories you open up a Pandora’s Box of intense, massive hate that is impossible to control once it’s been allowed to germinate.  When you kick over that rotting piece of wood you have to contend with every termite, dung beetle, and shit-caked worm; you can’t pick and chose.
What Rebel Media has done is they have slowly legitimated such deplorable attitudes and brought from the fringes of the internet and elsewhere every piece of racist hateful scum there is and now are unable to control it.  One day you are inciting hatred against Muslim immigrants, the next day those same forces of hate turn against Jewish people or black Canadians.  What Ezra Levant and Rebel co. have started has began to result in this kind of mentality.  When you encourage people to believe in bullshit; when you encourage people to hate, to have blind hatred towards people who are different than them…this is what happens.  It does not end at any boundary where you want it to stop; it continues and grows.  With free speech comes a responsibility that Rebel Media has no understanding of.
And yes, are a good majority of Rebel Media’s viewers racists?  Hell yes.  Do they hate gay and trans people?  Of course they do.  Are they sympathetic to neo-Nazis if not neo-Nazis themselves?  Well, this video and it’s response is showing that that seems to be the way things are.
BUT WAIT, as of MARCH 12, 2017, it gets worse…far, far worse.

Ron Banerjee

Team Affiliations: Canadian Hindu Advocacy, RISE CANADA

Status: Pariah even on the far right

We have a special treat for you today, ye fellow trollhunters.

This is exactly the easiest profile to write because every time he opens his mouth he discredits himself and reveals what he’s all about.

So what is he all about?

Today we look at Ron Banerjee.  Some people in Toronto know him already as that guy who dances around with a sign and says bad things about Muslims.  He claims he runs the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and used to be semi treated as if he were some kind of legitimate commentator on immigration/cultural issues.  Usually he was complaining about ‘political correctness’.  Oftentimes when someone’s main issue of complaint is ‘political correctness’ it doesn’t take too long to realize the person is a hatemonger.

So how many people are in this CHA group?

Maybe one, maybe two.

In its entire history, Islamic civilization has invented and contributed less to human advancement than a pack of donkeys. – Ron Banerjee


Back on topic: Ron Banerjee really hates Muslims and Sihks. (Whenever an article or blog says the Canadian Hindu Advocacy does something keep in mind that it’s really just Banerjee with an inflamed sense of self-worth).He is an avid Trump supporter, often sighted at Yonge and Dundas dancing with his feet and holding up a pro-Trump sign and screaming at women in hijabs.  Here he is telling a Muslim Canadian that he is Hindu so he’s superior.


Here he is, the Clown Prince of Hate arguing with Batman and saying that “all Muslims are terrorists”

So that’s Ron Banarjee.  He also once, when attending a PEGIDA rally at Queen’s Park, implored police officers to “shoot” ANTIFA members.  Luckily the police don’t listen to people like him.  On top of all this Ron Banerjee has been caught tweeting some pretty disgusting, genocidal things on the RISE CANADA account for twitter.

Twitter 0

Twitter 1a

So here’s Ron pretending he cares about equality of sexes.

Twitter 4Twitter 28

Twitter 23

Twitter 13 (1)

Okay. It’s so ironic how far right wing Islamophobes go on and on about how Islam is supposedly so sexist and misogynistic and homophobic and then turn around and say the most sexist, misogynistic, homophobic things ever.  Seriously, it’s really a weird phenomenon.  The reason behind it is because, unlike progressive activists who start their activism through a human rights framework, the far right starts from a place of hate and go from there.  These Islamophobes don’t care about women’s rights or LGBT rights, they just pretend they do so they can hate on Muslims.  In fact, many of them, like Ron Banerjee actually hate gay people.

Here’s a picture of him choking someone for being gay.


Ron also runs another twitter account:

Feb 12, 2015 - 1

Feb 18, 2015 - 1


liar - 1a

Oh yeah Ronny, you’re a great advocate for women’s equality.

16 December 18, 2014


To read more about this clown check out Anti-Racist Collective’s latest expose on him:

It turns out he doesn’t like Chinese people either.

Greg Renouf

Team Affiliation: Himself

Ego: Enormous

Greg Renouf doesn’t like social justice.  On his blog he constantly insults SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) and says things like “This is your brain on social justice’.

What exactly is Social Justice?  I am going to share the first definition I find on google:

“justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.”

Greg Renouf is against this concept.

For years a lone figure has been sighted among Toronto’s activist circles, most times carrying a camera with him.  He might come right up and snap a picture, say something offensive, and then claim he “has black friends” if you react to it.  You might cover up his camera and ask him not to film you.  He will tell his audience on his blog that you assaulted him.  Later on you may find he has written things about you online.  He might accuse you of being funded by billionaires trying to create socialism…or something.  As handsome as he is charming, Greg Renouf is a bonafide T.Dot Troll.  He seems to get upset when people tell him to get lost.  Let’s look a bit at his history, shall we?

Greg Renouf – Toronto Troll

Greg Renouf first emerged from the mud on the West Coast with Occupy Vancouver.  He often tells people when they first meet him that he was “involved in Occupy Vancouver”, likely to set their mind at ease that he is from an activist background, but upon closer inspection it seems he was “involved” in a different way.

Renouf was kicked out of Occupy Vancouver.  Common complaints emanating from Occupy Vancouver towards Renouf include specifically targeting females and using misogynist language.  It came to a point where his one-man campaign of bullying and harassment became so serious that dozens of Occupy organizers signed on to a collective statement condemning his observed behaviour – which can be read here.  Now, look at all those names.  Even if you weren’t present at Occupy Vancouver, does it not raise a red flag that this many people found his behaviour abhorrent to the point where they had to ask him to leave and sign on to this?  Renouf, knowing Renouf, would likely say it’s a giant conspiracy against him, but common sense dictates that, more likely, these many, many names were on to something.

Shortly after he relocated to Toronto and “got involved” in Occupy Toronto.  From here he too was asked to leave:

Greg Renouf has been asked by wide range of people within the community (including respected community activists, lawyers, and journalists) to stop his behaviour and aggressive campaign of harassment particularly against women who are long time organisers and activists. Yet he continues to present his personal attacks, threats and persistent harassment as efforts to expose some imagined ‘conspiracy’ against him. Attempts to explain to him that his behaviour is abusive and unacceptable have been ignored.

Despite having been banned by both Occupy Toronto and Occupy Vancouver, Renouf continues to force himself into community organising and social spaces surrounding both. He has also lied about those whom he is targeting, has made sexualized derogatory comments about women in these communities, has repeatedly threatened and also reported others to the police for preposterous allegations, has viciously and obsessively attacked those who have tried to hold him accountable, and is creating an unnecessary climate of division.

So what exactly is his deal?  Is he a misunderstood activist and victim of an elaborate conspiracy by grassroots organizations (paid by George Soros of course), or merely a far right-wing troll with an inflated sense of self?  Hint: It’s the latter.

The Fifth Beatle

So who is this guy who bothered people so bad they had to ask him to leave?  According to his blog he identifies as “neither left or right” but rather as an “ethicist”.  Hmm…where have we heard that before?  Kind of like how the trolls in Gamergate, you know the ones who doxxed, and then threatened to rape and murder feminists and then said they were “concerned about ethics in gaming”?

Ethics, yeah.

So he says he is neither Left nor Right, and yet if you look at his blog he only targets left-wing activists.  Why say that you are neither left or right, or that you hate both the far left and far right, yet only concentrate on the left in your blog?  Is it because he is trying to maintain a veneer of moderation?  Yes, yes he is.

Here he is standing among the fascist organizers, Soldiers of Odin.


Why aren’t you shoving the camera in their faces, Greg?  Soldiers of Odin started in Finland and it’s higher ups are known for being neo-Nazis.  Hmm..where is Greg’s blog’s pages on this group?  Nowhere.  He’s too busy targeting anti-racists and feminists.  Yes, it’s all about ethics apparently.

17359388_10155129601349281_1309346899769981074_o (1)
Here is another picture (March 19, 2017).  Renouf is standing with a raised camera behind a member of Soldiers of Odin (an organization started in Finland by a neo-Nazi.  Yes Greg, very ethical, very moderate.

On top of this Greg Renouf, billing himself as a legit reporter, has appeared on both SUN “NEWS” and Rebel Media.  So, someone who claims to be neither right wing nor left wing appears on right wing “news” outlets?  Ok.

On Sun “News” at one point in 2014, Greg Renouf appeared on the station with Ezra (“reckless disregard for the truth“) Levant directly after the Lac Magentic disaster where a train carrying oil derailed.  This tragedy cost the lives of 42 people.  On the program Levant was peddling a conspiracy theory that environmental activists may have been behind the disaster, hinting that it was eco-terrorism.  Renouf was featured on this segment and appeared to back up Levant’s theory.  Quebec police has since ruled out the possibility of this being terrorism and the segment disappeared from the Sun “News” database.

Is there anything ethical about exploiting a tragedy and spreading disinformation when human lives had just been lost?

When he’s not exploiting tragedy with baseless conspiracy theories, or misidentifying people, Greg enjoys connect the dots.

Artist approximation of one of Renouf’s more challenging works — oh look it’s a fish!

Here is a link to a site that explains in more detail the connections that Greg Renouf himself has; the six degrees of Greg Renouf!

UPDATE: Greg has not posted on his blog in a long time. We are willing to take this page down if he takes down all the slanders on his blog.