Rebel Media

What is it: An online ultra right wing medium (likely not going to last much longer)

Slogan: “Factless”

Do you remember the time when CBC showed up for a political demonstration and, rather than legitimately interview people, they shoved cameras in people’s faces and started taunting them?  Do you recall the time CTV followed protesters around to the point of borderline criminal harassment?  Remember that time in Toronto when CP24 made racist comments when their cameras were off and then turned them on when someone reacted angrily back at them?

No?  Oh yeah.  Actual professional, legitimate news reporters don’t do that.  As much as we can criticize mainstream media (and we do) for being biased, or at times not showing the full story, or slanting it, nothing compares to the basic thuggery of Rebel Media.

Rebel Media came out of the now defunct Sun “News”.  Sun features “journalists” such as Ezra (reckless disregard for the truth) Levant, former supervillain turned SJW Michael Coren, as well as many other people who hate progressive and social justice advocates (in other words they hate progress and social justice).  Sun “News” Network launched in 2011 and fell apart by 2015.  Sun “News” applied for mandatory carriage from CRTC, but lost it’s bid and had to compete in the free market (and failed).  It’s funny and ironic when right wing free marketers try to get government to regulate to help them because they can’t stand on their own.  Lots of money was lost. -\_”_/-

So when SNN failed miserably, Levant went on and crowdfunded for some online replacement and called it Rebel Media.  people are often unsure of how to respond to Rebel Media; some activists ignore them, others confront them, while some try to get interviewed and hope that their reasoned, well-thought out rational arguments may change some of the minds of the viewers.  Don’t do this.  If someone is watching Rebel Media and actually takes it seriously then they are far too gone to be able to reason to rational arguments.  Now, presently, and thankfully, this bastion of trolls is in the process of eating itself.  Read further below for more info on that.

Also, this assessment on Jordan Peterson’s anti-trans people rally at U of T has some info on Rebel Media’s delusional coverage, please read.

In the meantime, let’s meet the trolls:



Status: Troll King

Ezra Levant started Rebel Media.  He comes from Alberta, his family originally settling in Drumheller with all the other dinosaurs.  He used to practice law; once lobbied for a tobacco company, and lobbied for the oil and gas industry.  Levant has been successfully sued for libel twice and had to issue apologies under the threat of lawsuits numerous times as well – read his wikipedia page to read the disturbing details.  One time when he had slandered a Saskatchewan Lawyer, to which the judge overseeing the case stated that Levant “did little or no fact-checking regarding the posts complained of, either before or after their publication” and she found “that [Mr. Levant’s] dominant motive in these blog posts was ill will, and that his repeated failure to take even basic steps to check his facts showed a reckless disregard for the truth“.

Judges!  Who are they to…  Oh wait.

Levant once did a now infamous spiel on his show on SNN called “The Jew Vs. Gypsies” in which he made racist comments about Roma people.  SNN issued an apology and eventually Levant eventually apologized.  Presently Levant is being sued by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle-East (an organization made up of Jewish and Arab Canadians – among other backgrounds – that criticize the policies of the state of Israel’s government towards Palestinians), comparing them to Nazis and calling them “Jew baiters”.  Strangely Rebel Media once published a story sourced from Golden Dawn, a Greek fascist organization that is openly anti-Semitic.  No seriously.

Most recently Ezra Levant has exploited the mosque massacre in Quebec City.  Seriously.  He actually did this.   < — please read this link.  Human lives were lost and Rebel Media was peddling a conspiracy theory that has no evidence.  W.  T.  F.


o-FAITH-GOLDY-facebook (1)

Faith Goldy went to Quebec City to peddle the pseudo-conspiracy theory without evidence (the one that said Quebec police and Justin Trudeau are part of some Islamist plot) on Levant’s behest.

In 2014, on a Sun “News” segment, it appeared that Goldy directly compared abortion to rape.  I really wish I was making this stuff up.

Crusades 1.jpg

Recently on her trip to Israel Faith did some glorifying on the Crusades; does Faith know how much Jews suffered during the Crusades?  Seriously.  En route through Europe, leaving a trail of rape and pillage as they went, the Crusaders massacred Jewish communities in Rhineland and along the Danube (modern-day Slovakia), and once in Palestine the Jews actually sided with the Muslims and fought side by side with them.  When the Crusaders took Jerusalem they burned the synagogue.  Destroying synagogues alongside mosques was a favourite past-time for medieval Christian soldiers.  Many Jews were forced to convert to Christianity, sold into slavery, or beheaded.  Glorifying the Crusades eh?

When not reporting for Rebel Media she is using homophobic slurs against people she doesn’t like.

Here she is along with Laura Southern (who recently made like Ginger Spice and quit the band early to officially ALT RIGHT) tweeting against LGBT people:


Professional Journalism at it’s finest.
Here is an artist’s impression of what Lauara Southern would look like if she betrayed Indiana Jones.



Aside from attending anti-trans people rallies at U of T, Jay Fayza writes for the Rebel, once insisting that white privilege isn’t a real thing.  Recently (March 7, 2017) Fayza hosted a video placed on youtube on Rebel Media’s channel criticizing the ALT RIGHT and white nationalism/white supremacy (I guess Rebel is trying to ‘appear’ ‘moderate’ or something).  Here is the video.  Look at the comments section (this video has 3x as many downvotes as upvotes as of March 12, 2017).  They are full of racist rants against Fayza and anti-Semitic comments directed at Ezra Levant.  Here are some of them:


Now, most normal, non-Nazi people will read some of these comments (these are the tip of the iceberg, trust me) and say: “oooooooh ffuuuuuckk…..” and lose a bit more faith humanity.  How did this happen?
Well, you see, this is the long-term result for peddling in hate.  When hate is your main goal; when you purposely spread misinformation and bigoted pseudo-conspiracy theories you open up a Pandora’s Box of intense, massive hate that is impossible to control once it’s been allowed to germinate.  When you kick over that rotting piece of wood you have to contend with every termite, dung beetle, and shit-caked worm; you can’t pick and chose.
What Rebel Media has done is they have slowly legitimated such deplorable attitudes and brought from the fringes of the internet and elsewhere every piece of racist hateful scum there is and now are unable to control it.  One day you are inciting hatred against Muslim immigrants, the next day those same forces of hate turn against Jewish people or black Canadians.  What Ezra Levant and Rebel co. have started has began to result in this kind of mentality.  When you encourage people to believe in bullshit; when you encourage people to hate, to have blind hatred towards people who are different than them…this is what happens.  It does not end at any boundary where you want it to stop; it continues and grows.  With free speech comes a responsibility that Rebel Media has no understanding of.
And yes, are a good majority of Rebel Media’s viewers racists?  Hell yes.  Do they hate gay and trans people?  Of course they do.  Are they sympathetic to neo-Nazis if not neo-Nazis themselves?  Well, this video and it’s response is showing that that seems to be the way things are.
BUT WAIT, as of MARCH 12, 2017, it gets worse…far, far worse.

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